The ALMA Harmony has powerful Q-Switch lasers that deliver ultra-short pulses which are absorbed by the ink, fragmenting ink particles by a photo acoustic effect, while keeping the surrounding tissue intact. The body’s lymphatic system (white blood cells) clears the ink fragments, causing the tattoo to fade with minimal risk of scarring or discoloration.

Clinically proven laser treatments use a variety of laser wavelengths to target different ink colors like black, blue, orange, red, green, turquoise, and purple to reveal clear, ink-free skin, with minimal risk of scarring, for all skin types. 

Treatments are recommended every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure proper healing in between sessions.



The ALMA Soprano Platinum allows Pain Free laser hair removal for all skin colors and hair types.

The only clinically-proven, virtually painless method of laser hair removal.  Gradual heating at a high frequency pulse delivery, with strong cooling, enables an effective, safe and painless treatment for all skin types.

This technology continuously cools skin: a cooled tip minimizes epidermal risks while maintaining heat within the dermis where hair follicles are treated, for a virtually painless and comfortable experience.


The ALMA TED (TED is short for Trans Epidermal Delivery) is a cutting-edge, completely non-invasive hair growth treatment that is designed to address hair thinning and hair loss.  TED is an Ultrasound-based system.  It uses the power of sound waves and air pressure combined with a Topical Hair Care Formula that is applied directly on the skin via a passive and active method, with No needles, blood, pain or downtime.

  1. Passive method: Primes the area and opens the cells in the stratum corneum.
  2. A Topical Hair Care Formula is applied to the area.
  3. Active method: A second pass of External energy is used as the driving force for the Topical Hare Care Formula to enter the stratum corneum 2.5x Deeper then a PRP.

CLEAR LIFT - Photoacoustic Laser Skin Resurfacing

The ALMA Harmony Clear Lift  is laser rejuvenation treatment that uses the Harmony Laser machine to ease signs of aging and sun damage throughout the body especially the Face, Neck, Chest and Hands.  A Clear Lift Facial aka “The Lunchtime Facial” is a state of the art, non-ablative treatment alternative to traditional skin resurfacing that has virtually no pain and no downtime with no needles or chemical peels, and can safely rejuvenate all skin types.

*Can be combined with our DYE-VL Facial for amazing results

DYE VL - Laser Skin Resurfacing

The ALMA Harmony Dye-VL Photo Rejuvenation Facial is an advanced form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) that is needle free.  This treatment effectively addresses issues such as pigmentation irregularities, hyperpigmentation, redness, rosacea, dilated capillaries, birthmarks and sun damage, while leaving your skin looking more even-toned, youthful, and radiant.  This means no burns or scars to care for, no chance of infection, no pain and minor recovery time. These treatments are quick and effective. Dye-VL is intended for vascular lesions, which are visible abnormalities in the skin commonly referred to as birthmarks. 

*Can be combined with our Clear Lift Facial for amazing results.


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