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We were the first facility in Niagara that invested in the Pain Free Soprano Ice, Hair Removal System.  We are also the only facility in Niagara to have 2 Soprano Ice Machines.  We have the proven experience, the professional, knowledgeable, trained staff and above all, the most expertise to offer the best pain free laser hair removal experience in Niagara.  

Over 30,000 Pain free sessions administered


Up to 90 percent reduction of hair growth after 1st treatment

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Meet Giuliana

Giuliana Procopio

Giuliana Procopio

Owner , Certified Laser Technician & Esthetician

I have been a successful entrepreneur for 20 years and I am proud to add more business to the Niagara Region, Esthetics community.  I have 14 staff members who are all certified as laser technicians, who I am lucky to also call my close friends and family.

Meet My Trusted Partners

Jessie Hernder

Jessie Hernder

R.N. and Owner - Medical Aesthetics by Jessie


As my team member and trusted partner, Jessie provides pain free hair removal and medical Aesthetics services including; Botox and Fillers, Micro Needling, and PRP treatments.  Jessie is a qualified Registered Nurse and owns Medial Aesthetics by Nurse Jessie.  Give Jessie a call today to book an appointment.

Barbara Saric

Barbara Saric

Owner of Dollface Makeup


As my team member and trusted partner, Barbara provides a wide range of make – up services.  Barbara has been a make-up artist for 20 years and has worked with some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, including Dr Phil. Barbara is the owner of Doll Face Makeup.  Book an appointment with Barbara today.

Andrea Spiridi

Andrea Spiridi

Owner - Wellness Intentions


Andrea is a certified in biofeedback and quantum therapies.  She is a certified coach practitioner, a Reiki master and a registered nurse.  She is currently in the process of becoming a homeopathic practitioner.  Andrea brings us a wealth of experience, and is looking forward to seeing you. Give Andrea a call today to book an appointment.

Sesta Persia

Sesta Persia



Your‎ pain‎ free‎ laser‎ &‎ beauty‎ bar‎ would‎ like‎ to‎ welcome‎ Sesta‎ Persia‎ to‎ compliment‎ our‎ team‎ of‎ expanded‎ services.‎ ‎ Sesta’s‎ healing‎ hands‎ will‎ be‎ offering‎ an‎ array‎ of‎ relaxation‎ massages.‎ ‎ From‎ a‎ very‎ young‎ age‎ Sesta‎ has‎ had‎ a‎ deep‎ interest‎ in‎ natural‎ and‎ holistic‎ healing‎ modalities.‎ As‎ an‎ ever-evolving‎ student‎ Sesta‎ has‎ certifications‎ in‎ personal‎ training,‎ life‎ Leadership,‎ emotional‎ Freedom‎ technique,‎ Reiki,‎ relaxation‎ massage,‎ Lomi‎ Lomi‎ massage‎ and‎ Indian‎ head‎ massage.‎ Sesta‎ looks‎ forward‎ to‎ serving‎ all‎ of‎ your‎ relaxation‎ needs.‎ Contact‎ Sesta‎ at the clinic‎ to book an‎ appointment‎.


Our Facility


We have a brand new great location in Niagara Falls! You will find a bright, elegant and inviting atmosphere that will instantly calm your soul.  Our friendly staff will make you feel at home as you embark on a peaceful, pain free, laser hair removal adventure.   

What People Are Saying About Soprano Ice.

“The joy of being able to eliminate the odd bit of regrowth with a razor in about two seconds flat and knowing that it won’t resurface for ages is incomparable. Whoever said no pain, no gain hadn’t tried Soprano Ice. This excellent treatment gets a 10/10 from Red.”

Rebecca Hull

Red Magazine Online

“Soprano painless hair removal has transformed the laser hair experience for men, because let’s face it – men are not very good with pain!  Treatment is also quick and results rapid and this is very appealing to male clients.”
Patrick Bowler

Co-founder of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors Court House Clinics, UK.

I love Your Pain Free Laser Professionals. They have the newest and most up-to-date laser machine on the market. Virtually pain free; you can literally sit and relax while Giuliana explains and answers any questions you may have. Only a few visits has given me the convenience and freedom to not have to worry about previous and painful ways to remove unwanted hair. Going to Cuba I didn’t even need to bring a razor!
From Google Reviews

Absolutely love Your pain free laser professionals. My hair was reduced by about 70% after just the first session and it wasn’t painful at all. Giuliana is very professional and makes you feel comfortable. She’s so sweet, I love her

From Google Reviews

I recently had pain free laser hair removal treatments with Giuliana and cant say enough good things! From the moment I walked in… I felt welcomed and comfortable by her friendly hospitality. I was nervous about the treatment as I’ve had laser hair removal in the past and it was very painful with little to no results:( This experience was completely different as I’ve only had a few treatments and felt no pain and the results are amazing!!!! I’m so glad that I was referred to her as now I am enjoying the fact that I dont have to spend time shaving:))) Thank you Giuliana for making me look and feel wonderful…I look forward to my next treatment:)))
From Google Reviews

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