Collection of Drips

Boost IV Drip

Hydrate/Replenish/Enhance Electrolyte Replacement Optimize Insulin Levels & Glucose Metabolism Treat Burnout & Fatigue Increases Energy levels & Enhances Mood
Price $99

Energy IV Drip

Energize/Regenerate/Strengthen Improves Energy Levels, Increases Stamina, Vitality & Physical Performance Optimizes conversion of Food to Glucose Increases Oxygen Carrying Capacity of Cells Corrects Deficiencies such as Anemia, Insomnia, Stress, Electrolyte Imbalance & Thyroid Conditions
Price $149


Radiance IV Drip

Refine/Illuminate/Refresh Triggers Body’s own Production of Glutathione & Retinol Enhances Skin Elasticity, targets Fine Lines & Wrinkles Prevents Cellular Damage by Neutralizing Free Radicals Skin Brightening & Hydration
Price $199


Immune IV Drip

Protect/Repair/Supercharge Promotes Health Aging Improves Wound Healing & Recovery after Surgery Strengthens Immune System Increases Red Blood Cell Production
Price $299


Mega IV Drip

Vitalize/Promote/Improve Loaded with Vitamins & Electrolytes Improves Body & Brain Functions Accelerates Wound Healing
Price $399

Glut Glow Drip

Detox/Strengthen/Repair Antioxidant Helps manufacture DNA Decrease Wrinkles and Increase Skin Elasticity Detoxify Drugs, Pollutants and Naturally created Chemicals
Price $179

NAD+ Drip

Detox/Improve/Protect Improves Mood & Energy Levels, Mental Clarity & Memory Known to help in DNA Repair & Maintenance
Price $229

Build Drip

Build/Improve/Protect Enhances Collagen Production & Bone Building Normalizes Hormonal Stress Response Helps in Liver Diseases, Good for Erectile Dysfunction
Price $159


High C Drip

Repair/Protect/Grow Boosts Your Immune System Helps in Collagen Production Fights Anemia Fights Cancer Causing Free Radicals
Price $129

Administered by Daiana Stefanovici Registered Nurse