Sesta Persia - Wellness

Your pain free laser & beauty bar would like to welcome Sesta Persia to complement our team of expanded services. Sesta’s healing hands will be offering an array of relaxation massages. From a very young age Sesta has had a deep interest in natural and holistic healing modalities.

As an ever-evolving student Sesta has certifications in personal training, life Leadership, emotional Freedom technique, Reiki, relaxation massage, Lomi Lomi massage and Indian head massage. Sesta looks forward to serving all of your relaxation needs.


    A full body relaxation treatment utilizing hands forearms elbows warm bamboo sticks, as well as Cold Stones, tailored to your
    individual needs every time.


    This Ultra Gentle yet powerful treatment has been called the most relaxing, as well as a host of several other benefits. This massage is
    performed using gentle Strokes on dry skin in a specific manner to speed up your natural lymphatic system.

  • WOOD THERAPY MASSAGE-75 minutes $125

    This massage combines lymphatic treatment as well as utilizes a variety of handheld wooden tools used in a specific sequence which
    encourages the break down of cellulite and fat, stimulates collagen production as well as having all of the other benefits of a regular massage.