Dr. Elena Beveridge

European Dermatologist

Dr. Elena Beveridge is a certified European dermatologist in Russia and has practiced for over 25 years “Dermatology for Beauty’ in Scandinavia and Russia. she distributes DMK Paramedical Natural Pharmacology Methods and provides education for medical spas, dermatologists and plastic surgeon clinics in Canada.
Dr. Beveridge believes that good healthy skin requires a combination of diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
She has therefore expanded her credentials to include a certified doctor degree of Natural Medicine in Canada and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.
Skin problems are related to internal problems in your body. After a free consultation with Dr. Beveridge, we offer full programs to detoxify; cleanse your body; relieve the stress; normalize hormone status and function of the digestive system; increase the immune system of the whole body and skin.
We design personalized treatment programs to suit individual needs and keep you healthy and beautiful as long as possible.

Face Treatments

Acne Therapy

Deep Pore Cleansing (for "Teen Acne Skin") $95

A great starter facial for young acne skin with mild to severe acne and blackheads.
Uplifts self esteem.

European Deep Cleansing $105

(for acne, blackheads and congested skin)

For people who suffer from numerous blackheads, acne, enlarged pores and congestion. Treatment requires 5-10 sessions to see the results.

Severe Acne, Cysts, Pustules $130

Anti-bacterial and healing treatment.
Flushes away toxins, reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. Treatment program to normalize cell functioning and sebaceous flow.
Increases healing, maintains fluid level and keep the skin hydrated.

Severe Acne, Cysts, Pustules

Large Pore, Acne Scarring $150

Treatment that helps to eliminate scars by removing the searred tissue, helping repair and rebuild a stronger firmer tissue underneath.

Hyper-Pigmentation Treatment

Hyper-Pimentation., Spot Removal $100 +up

Using frequencies to find areas out of balance in the body and using the frequencies to help rebalance your mind, emotions, and body.

Hyper-Pigmentation for Uneven Skin Tone $130

Designed to stop thor pigmentation from taking place in darker spotted areas. Progressively fades dark areas of the skin and improves appearance of tired dull skin.

Bihaku $170

Good for Asian, Indian and Black Skin. Aids in revising pigment by moving it to the upper layers of the epidermis.

Anit Aging Treatment​

European Deep Cleansing with Face Lift $120

Non- surgieal face-lift using a sophisticated group of enzymes, trans-epidermal proteins and amino acids. This treatment will lift and tighten your skin to an unbelievable firmness.

"Hydradermize" $165

Designed for aging skin with visible wrinkles, deep fine lines, dehydrated and mature skin. Treatment that improves internal hydration, firmness and bounce of the skin.


Facial Muscle-Banding Treatment $185

This treatment lifts and tightens tired, sagging facial museles. Loss of elasticity in the skin is only one of the factors leading to a fatigued and tired look. This exclusive Muscle-Banding Treatment goes one step further and firms up the underlying face, neck and even the female bust line.

Facial Muscle-banding_treatment_Niagara_Falls