Nurse Andrea Spiridi - Wellness Intentions

Wellness intentions offers energy medicine and quantum therapies.
As an intuitive Reiki master, Andrea believes that any physical or emotional health issue can be healed by decreasing the stress potential of the body and increasing its vibration and frequency levels.

Andrea incorporates Energy Medicine into treating the mind, body and spirit as one in a holistic manner. Everything in energy, including the human body and if the body is vibrating at a particular frequency, the immune system is strong against fighting illness. Wellness intentions offers Reiki, biofeedback, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, infrared light therapy and coaching.

  • AO Scanning $75

    Using frequencies to find areas out of balance in the body and using the frequencies to help rebalance your mind, emotions, and body.

  • Reiki $75
  • Biofeedback per session $100
  • PEMF therapy $30 half hour